Better attribution reporting with Marketo and CallRail integration

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For years, you’ve been able to easily track where people go on your site, and what makes them click a link or submit a form. But what about when the phone rings? How did they find you, and why did they call? Any data set that doesn’t answer these integral questions provides an incomplete picture of your audience’s habits.

Phone calls are a vital and growing method of conversion. More than $1 trillion in U.S. consumer spending will be influenced by click-to-call promotions in 2020, according to BIA/Kelsey, a huge jump from $73 billion in 2018. Your company can tap into that with CallRail’s Direct Connect integration with Marketo, which removes your phone blind spot by marrying trackable online activity — such as clicks and cookies — with the offline ways many customers choose to contact your business — like texts or phone calls. The Marketo integration captures and analyzes this activity, all in a user-friendly log.


Keeping score

The secret to Marketo’s success? It’s a platform built by marketers for marketers. To that end, Marketo provides a comprehensive tool kit, including:

  • Email, inbound, engagement, content, events, and social marketing
  • Lead generation, nurturing, and management
  • And much more!

Each tool tracks the initiatives that translate into sales and cultivates higher-quality leads by scoring them based on this sales conversion activity.

Marketers constantly juggle a wide variety of lead generation channels, including email campaigns, social media, content, newsletters, organic, and pay per click. It is crucial to understand which channels produce the best leads. Marketo brings them all under one roof, eliminating the need for marketers to deploy, monitor, and analyze each one individually.

But even this level of detail can leave some correlations untouched. Did sales get a boost from that webinar last week? Or our last social campaign? Or both?


Phone is the missing link

Even though shoppers now do much of their browsing on their smartphones, there is still a large subset of people who prefer to use their phone to call a business and make a purchase. According to Digital Strategy Consulting, these customers will trust your company more when you list a number on your site and make it clear that you welcome calls. A business without a listed number lacks transparency and raises red flags that may prompt a shopper to go elsewhere.

This approach also applies to industries outside retail. Take Citi, which — per Retail Dive — used unified communications and collaboration technology to give its high-net-worth clients instant one-on-one access to an adviser via their smartphones. Advisers can look over a client’s portfolio, share files, or conference in other callers.

CallRail’s Direct Connect integration with Marketo came out of our internal need for a comprehensive marketing automation system that follows each prospect as they interact with us before they take the leap and become a client. Marketo provided a strong foundation, but some tweaking was needed.

Marketing drives sales, no matter the channel, and Marketo hits the ball out of the park when it comes to lead conversions from online sources. But when prospects pick up the phone, it loses the trail. This is a crucial gap to fill in order to capture that click-to-call customer who would rather not spend time on their phone punching information into a web form.

The Marketo-CallRail integration passes off call data to the Marketo lead activity log without the need for manual entry, Salesforce Connector, or a customer relationship management system.


A suite of features

Marketo CallRail integration comes with a long list of features to bring calls solidly into your sales funnel, including:

  • Phone call and SMS activity: CallRail sends phone call and text message events with tracking numbers directly into Marketo’s log, providing your account executives with full visibility into lead activity. This includes the tracking phone number, text message content, and the caller’s name and number.
  • Form tracking: Pull in data from forms that your customers fill out, whether on your site or third-party sites, and combine it with their phone call or text activity to create a powerful, integrated picture of their interactions with your business.
  • Dynamic number insertion: Populate your campaigns with customized tracking phone numbers. With the right number for the right audience, you’ll know where they’ve been before the call, and where they go after.
  • Keyword-level and source tracking: Which campaigns actually generate calls? Which leave prospects cold? Marketo CallRail integration tracks which lead sources prompt a customer to call and connects them to paid campaigns or organic keyword searches.
  • Integration triggers: Filter your calls based on the types of leads that are most important to your business. Maybe first-time callers are a priority, or calls that go directly to voicemail are a major concern. Sort your calls by any number of filters to drill down into the data that matters most.
  • HIPAA-compliant call tracking: CallRail provides Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act-compliant call tracking for health care organizations that want to integrate their call analytics with Marketo. It allows marketing agencies that serve organizations in the medical field to accurately track inbound leads in a manner compliant with HIPAA and Health Information Technology for Economic and Clinical Health Act regulations.
  • Automated duplicate elimination: Kiss duplicate contacts goodbye when CallRail cross-references caller data with Marketo’s web tracking.
  • One source of lead activity: Marketo’s activity log brings together all lead activities to create a more accurate picture of lead life cycles.


Let data drive your decisions

Data-driven marketers trust CallRail to help make incoming calls a vital part of their sales ecosystem. Our tools track calls from promotion to sale, highlighting which campaigns convert and which miss the mark. They also record calls for lead qualification and provide coaching to boost conversion rates.

With Marketo CallRail integration, you’ll close the lead attribution gap and set up your campaign for a home run. Learn more in our webinar, “Building Call Tracking Integrations Without Code.”

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