15 Content Ideas for Medical Practice Websites

The more often you blog, the more traffic you will get coming to your site. It’s as simple as that.

Be that as it may, most medical practices don’t write a lot of content for their website. Many don’t blog at all. That’s good for you, because if you’re the only blogger among your local competitors, you’ll be beating them in the search engines.

Here are some ideas for you to write about. Some of these require medical expertise but many can be written by any staff member.

  1. Make a list!

    • nearby hotels, restaurants, etc for patients and their family who come from out of town
    • preferred vendors
    • relevant videos
    • other blogs/informational websites
    • relevant quotes
    • free resources
    • make any kind of list
  2. Find some local news and write about how it affects or is related to your practice

  3. Paste a photo with a caption

  4. Embed a video from youtube and write a couple of sentences about it

  5. Write about a different blog post you like and link to it

  6. Make a step-by-step how to

  7. Post interesting data or trends related to your field of practice

  8. Thank your patients

  9. Pose a hypothetical question

  10. Answer common questions patients ask or might ask

  11. Write some info from exam room posters in your own words

  12. Write about a procedure or technology which is no longer used

  13. Take a picture of something at your office

  14. Make a holiday or seasonal posts

  15. Share about an interesting talent or anecdote from an employee, staff member, or physician

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