Why Patients Want to Check In At Home

With current technology, it is mind boggling that most medical offices still have patients fill out check in forms with pen and paper. There are many different reasons that offices haven’t made the switch to an electronic check-in, but cutting edge technology has made it possible to implement a process that helps both the administration and patient. It is convenient beyond words, and easily worked in to any existing system.

Wireless check-in makes it possible for a patient to fill out forms prior to their scheduled appointment. This is possible through the Patient Portal, and opens up a variety of possibilities. First, the patient has access to all the documents and records they may need, that they may not have with them at the doctor’s office. Items like insurance cards, referral information, and phone numbers can be easily accessed at home. Second, they are able to take their time filling out information. Logically, the more time they have the more thorough they should be. This means fewer unanswered questions, more accurate information, and less time spent reviewing the forms.

When patients check in at home, they are more at ease and less frantic to finish their paperwork before their appointment time. They can take time filling in their information, and take a break if they have to. In a doctor’s office, they may be distracted by kids, other patients, or tardiness. If they forget information they may not be able to find it at the office. It is important for patients to be able to check in before they walk in, because it saves everyone time, energy, and resources.

Both parties benefit when the patient has the ability to check in away from the medical office. The patient can choose to fill out paperwork in a relaxed, stress free atmosphere, and the medical office can receive legible forms in a manageable fashion. Online check in allows for prompt appointment times, ultimately providing room for more patients to be seen.

Finally, patients want the freedom to check in before their appointment. They can save valuable time and the general headache, compared to flying through the forms in the doctor’s office. Who wants to show up 30 minutes before their appointment for paperwork when they can do it in advance in the comfort of their home? Not many. It is convenient, available, and ready to help your medical office!

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