Omedix Patient Reminders

Automated patient reminders have never been more effective with Omedix Patient Reminders. Customized reminders make scheduling easier for the patient and the office because they increase efficiency for both parties. Structured for a variety of uses, patient reminders are excellent for sending reminders about follow-up and preventative care. Implementing a patient reminding system creates a seamless path for communication between patient and administration. It can be used as an opener for the Patient Portal, and can also coincide with information collected through the portal. They are also a Meaningful Use Strategy.

Gone are the days of generic impersonal automated systems leaving a voice mail, the patient missing it, and the office ends up with a receptionist calling anyway. With Omedix Patient Reminders, the patient can choose their preferred means of communication by phone, text, or email. The medical office has complete control over the wording used, and can change the message at any time to accommodate for yearly check-ups, surgical procedures, or weekly appointments. One of the best features of the Patient Reminder is the patient is able to respond directly from the message. It all adds up to saving valuable efforts and resources on time consuming (but important) tasks.

When a patient misses their appointment, time is wasted on all accounts. Prepping a room, paperwork, and procedures takes people and resources. By reminding a patient, and confirming their appointment, fewer resources are wasted because more patients can be seen. Staff becomes available to handle more detail oriented tasks, focus on patient care, and increase the overall efficiency of the office. While automated reminder systems have been attempted in the past, Omedix has an impeccable process, focusing on ease of use and communication. The Patient Reminders are even able to be sent in a host of languages, ensuring no patient misses a message because of a language barrier.

Omedix Patient Reminders engage patients and increase patient satisfaction. Patient reminders can decrease wait times because patients confirm their appointment, allowing for prompt arrivals and departures. Patient Reminders have the capabilities to decrease no shows and cancellations by up to 80%, creating wider appointment availability for unexpected scheduling. This system also sends reports to document results. Omedix did extensive research and testing to develop a reminder system that transitions easily, is fully customizable, and works for both the patient and administration. Without a doubt, this is a must have for any medical office.

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