Omedix as a NextGen Alternative

Omedix is the leader in the patient engagement product industry for medical offices. From patient reminders to a state of the art online patient portal, Omedix has been providing efficient and effective patient engagement tools for over ten years. They manage high profile doctors and offices, and smaller medical clinics alike. Omedix understands the value of a medical website, as well as what potential and current patients are looking for in one. They are committed to providing the best products to save clients valuable time, money and resources. Omedix is leading the way in mobile (cell phone) resources for medical offices and clients, and that focus sets them apart from their competition.

Why is Omedix better than their Competitors?

Compared to their competitors, Omedix has a higher client satisfaction rate and offers more services than most. This allows them to fulfill an office’s complete needs, instead of having to outsource to provide a variety of services. Omedix is an excellent alternative to NextGen, as they offer more services and have a much more user friendly dashboard. NextGen offers similar services, but without the focus on customization and customer service. Omedix takes pride in a website that explains all of their services, displays results for medical offices, and is always adding new options for clients. The Omedix website incorporates examples of their services, complete descriptions of their offerings, and how these products are benefiting real companies. They also have a blog with unique and in depth coverage of how their services benefit doctor’s offices and what is coming in the future. Not only is Omedix concerned with improving the productivity of an office, they are dedicated to products that improve the entire healthcare experience for the patient.

Choose Omedix for Patient Engagement Services

If you are in the market for a management company that can handle the multitude of problems you are faced with, Omedix is the number one choice. Their all inclusive patient portal, patient reminders, and patient check-in systems can’t be beat. With the best reputation for patient engagement products, Omedix is the most professional and reliable medical office management company. While most companies are focused on their bottom line, Omedix sets the bar high with impeccable customer service and product knowledge. They know implementing new office procedures can be painstaking, but guide clients step by step, resulting in a seamless transition. For the best patient experience from start to finish,the only choice is Omedix. Call 877-866-3349 to see how we can maximize your medical office’s productivity!

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