How Omedix Develops the Best Orthopedic Websites

We take credit for some of the most well developed and easily accessed orthopedic websites on the internet. These websites are an asset for doctors and patients because they act as an information highway, relaying vital data between both parties. Regardless of the specialty, we have the tools to implement a professional and sophisticated website that appeals to current and potential patients. Our company has years of experience with orthopedic, cardiology, dental, neurology, GI, and OB/GYN websites, as well as a host of other specialties. Our sites are customized for doctors wants and patients needs, and also have important features like mobile accessibility and top notch patient portals. These features allow patients to schedule appointments, access records, and check-in online.

Why Omedix is the Best

Omedix has created some of the best orthopedic websites in the world. Many of them are packed with articles and information written by the doctors who actually work with the practice associated with the website. This means patients (or potential patients) can get a personal feel from the doctors themselves, and make choices based on the information on their site. Any person can google data or symptoms of their disorder or surgery, but reading an article written by the doctor that is going to perform the surgery takes it to a whole new personal level. Patients can identify with the doctor, and get a sense of who they are through their website. This increases patient satisfaction and ultimately, their entire healthcare experience. A word of mouth referral gives a positive reflection of a doctor, but looking at their website allows a patient to match a face with the name.

Aside from the extensive list of benefits for the patient and doctors, we offer standard and exceptional features with every orthopedic website. Omedix knows the key to the best orthopedic websites is a solid development process, but also easy management by doctors and administration. We allow the client to be involved in the process, by choosing the design or template for the face of the website. Our development includes articles of unique content and quality control checks, as well as basic marketing strategies. Additional SEO (search engine optimization) services are available to boost the visibility of the sites for major search engines. Regardless of how awesome the site is, if it isn’t optimized for visibility, it is difficult for potential patients to find. Omedix makes this a priority with our site development plan because we recognize the importance.

Traits of the Best Orthopedic Websites

What makes one orthopedic website better than another? First, it must be aesthetically pleasing (not fancy, just professional), and easy to navigate. A search bar is an simple addition to help pinpoint a page quickly. Next, patients are looking for information. Biographies and blips of information about each doctor in the practice may be helpful. Directions to the office are often convenient and may relieve stress for the patient. A FAQ section can answer questions and give helpful tips, as well as clear up phone lines for administration. Lastly, the orthopedic services offered and detailed descriptions of the services are a must. Any unique content written by the office pertaining to disorders they treat is particularly helpful for potential patients. Omedix is the leader in developing professional and well organized websites with information about the services offered. We are committed to details, customer service, and ease of use for everyone involved. Omedix produces the absolute best orthopedic websites because we set the bar where no one else can touch it!


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