7 Dos and Don’ts for PAs Taking the PANCE

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When you’re studying for the PANCE, everything feels like a stressor. Studying is more difficult when you’re anxious, not having much free time can actually be detrimental to your health, and there’s still all this pressure to get a kick ass score. Picmonic can make the stress a little easier with Picmonic for PAs. It’s the best way to study and keep your sanity, but there’s a lot that goes into doing well on the PANCE. Here we bring you some dos and don’ts for acing the big test. Don’t procrastinate Do: Be prepared for the PANCE Walking into the PANCE exam without much of a plan is a waste of time (not to mention, money). Being prepared enough to only take the exam once is key. Who wants to stress over this exam twice? Not to sound like a mom (sorry if we sound like your mom), but the best way to get through the PANCE is to be prepared. Here are a few basic tips: Don’t put off studying until just before the exam. This won’t work. Study a lot and study often. Understand the format of the PANCE before you take the exam. Find your testing center early so you know where it’s located and won’t arrive late Understand the testing rules, such as how you can’t bring personal items into the test with you and how or when you take breaks. The more you know about the PANCE the easier it will be to conquer. Don’t study…
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