Integrating CallRail with HubSpot for Focused Ad Spend

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When Red Reef Digital  shared a post on how they’ve been using CallRail and HubSpot to get a better understanding of their marketing ROI, it got our attention. So we asked them how the integration was helping the agency and their clients, and we’re excited to share what they said.Red Reef main focus is marketing and digital consulting for businesses. Though the agency is still young, it has experienced steady growth while serving a wide range of businesses across the nation, from small local businesses to billion dollar global brands. When it came time to prove and improve marketing ads that included phone numbers as a call to action, Red Reef started researching call analytics providers. One of the most important features on their “must have” list was a seamless integration with HubSpot, since the agency is a HubSpot certified partner. “CallRail was our first choice for call tracking due to its powerful features, ease of use, and integration with other systems like HubSpot. We also liked how it could be white labeled for our clients so that we could present ourselves as a highly capable firm,” said Sean Tibor, Founder and Principal Consultant at Red Reef.  Many of the call analytics providers offered integrations, and some of them even integrated with HubSpot, but CallRail’s full set of features coupled with the HubSpot integration is what stood out to Red Reef. They’ve had success using tools like call flow builder to better manage their calls. “Before CallRail, my leading client had a…
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