5 Things Awesome PAs Do

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5 Things Awesome PAs Do Being a PA is a tough gig, but somebody’s gotta do it. When you first start training, you might worry that your hard work and studying won’t come in handy. Study with Picmonic, though? (You should! Try it for free!) You’ve already won half the battle because it means you know your stuff! Now you just have to apply it to real life. No sweat, right? It’s time to be the best PA you can be! Here’s our list of five things awesome PAs do their rookie year. Make Some Friends New jobs can be stressful, and it helps to have someone to talk to. But making friends as a PA is about more than just having a buddy to grab a beer with after work. It’s about having someone in every department who can help you out in a bind, get the blood work back faster, or help you choose the best medicine for a patient. You’re not alone out there, so reach out and make some connections! You just might meet a new lifelong BFF who can also get your patient’s test results back in a jiffy. Don’t Rush While you may be eager to get to your next patient, it’s important not to rush. Going too fast to get too much done can lead to mistakes. So, take a breath and make a second pass at the CT-Scan or chart to make sure you’re not missing anything. If you’re not sure about…
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