Picmonic – Nursing Content Scholar

At Picmonic, we move fast, take risks, and pride ourselves on staying agile, innovative, and ferociously committed to executing our mission every day. We do not sacrifice quality for profit and our customers are our number one priority. The Picmonic family is a team of authentic collaborative self accountable life-loving bad ass revolutionaries that help one another succeed for the betterment of the organization.

Picmonic Inc offers a social visual learning platform that empowers people to create, share and learn Picmonics, highly effective audiovisual study cards. Picmonic’s incorporate humor into unforgettable images and stories to make learning fun and effective. Engaged learners worldwide are discovering improved academic, professional and personal learning outcomes with Picmonic.

Picmonic is also being recognized as one of Arizona’s hottest startups, winning the 2014 Spring Arizona Innovation Challenge and having July 31st named as Picmonic day in Tempe.

If you would like to join an innovative and fun team on a mission to change the world for the better, please read on!

Position Summary

The Nursing Academic Content Scholar is a full-time on-site team member that curates the academic information that drives Picmonic’s content creation.  With prepared information in hand, the scholar collaborates with creative wizards, illustrators, and sound engineers to initiate creative development, ensure academic cohesiveness throughout production, maintain the application’s academic text, and script audio transcripts to teach Picmonic cards.  A scholar is an intellect with a creative aptness.

Qualities we seek

  • Super smart
  • Organized
  • Able to research academic topics and identify critical information
  • Speedy on the keyboard and on a computer in general
  • Fluent writer
  • Collaborative by nature
  • Positive and upbeat persona
  • Passion for advancing education and helping people


  • RN with BSN earned within the last 3 years
  • Demonstrated academic prowess


  • Determine the most high yield information in an academic discipline
  • Curate, sort, rank, and choose the most fitting topics for Picmonic cards based on plausibility of design and student need
  • Curate lists of key facts with definitions and summary overviews for chosen topics to be input into the software system
  • Analyze curated information for specific nuances and themes
  • Work with the Master Creative Wizard to create a Picmonic language-glyphics of word breakdown mix ups and possible representations for critical information and themes
  • Work with creative wizards and illustrators to choose characters and build connections into a cohesive and emotion provoking storyline that simply and seamlessly conveys academically accurate understanding
  • Review Picmonic cards as they move through the production line to ensure congruency with the original vision, accuracy with subject matter content, and adherence to the Picmonic methodology, directing modifications as appropriate
  • Script classic audio transcripts to teach Picmonic cards, including direction for tone and overall feeling
  • Conduct content modifications based on feedback
  • Respond to user inquiries and feedback that require subject matter expertise
  • Collaborate with the Marketing, Advertising, and Sales team to promote focus groups, beta test users, and customers

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